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    permanent workers vs temporary workers

    You might be unsure what fits to you

    You might still be unsure what to hire. Here we present some pros and cons for both employment types.

    Permanent Staff


    - Financial stability - allows you to budget for long term by paying them same salaries each period;
    - Access to further benefits - you can easily invest in a permanent employee (e.g. giving bonuses) for them to advance their knowledge and skills;
    - Team stability - there is more likely to reduce your staff turnover by employing permanent staff vs temporary staff;
    - Cheaper to hire - you will save money and time with hiring process and training permanent staff;
    - Productivity increase - you will build long term relationships with your team and so, you will increase the productivity within your organisation.


    - Unemployed pool - you might hire permanent staff from unemployed pool, which offers a limited choice between skills and knowledge;
    - Other pools - you might hire permanent workers from those wants to leave their current jobs so then you will have to wait their notices periods;

    Temporary Staff


    - Flexibility - you will have all flexibility from temporary staff at any time;
    - Cheaper to hire - you will pay only one invoice, so you don't need to do any payroll for each employee;
    - Increase productivity - if one or more of your permanent staff doesn't comes at work, you can any time use temporary staff, so your team productivity will not be affected;
    - Access to new skills - you can easily try different skills, until you find the one who suits for a possible permanent position;
    - Easy to manage - it is easy and cheap to manage temporary workers and you don't need to follow lots of procedures (e.g. when you dismiss an employee).


    - Training time - you will need to train each member you hire as temporary worker;
    - Feelings - many temporary workers might feel isolated;
    - Customer relationships - changing employees too often might impact on the quality of your products or service and customers might feel this;
    - Inability to build teams - sometimes temporary workers might not be integrated in or by team.

    Why ViaHire Recruitment?

    - We will work with you to understand your organisation, culture and values;
    - No placement, No fee - you don't need to pay anything if we don't hire an employee for you, or if you fill the position before we do;
    - We will do all the recruitment process for you and we will shortlist only candidates that fits to your needs;
    - We can do all the training for your new employees, so you will save time and increase productivity;
    - We will offer any support you need during any type of employment: permanent or temporary;
    - Once-call-only - once we place the first employee and you are happy with him/her, you can only give us one call for your further employment needs;
    - Cost control - you will always control your costs and we can negotiate the candidates salaries;
    - We use a large pool of candidates which helps us to find the perfect candidate for you;
    - You can adhere for free to our HR Policies and Procedures Share Programme. You will benefit of right to use our large number of HR Policies and Procedures, as well as all support and advice on any HR related problems.

    Still looking for staff?

    ViaHire Recruitment offers a large flexibility when it comes to your needs. We will always work close to you and we'll make sure that you will benefit from the best services. We like to consider ourselves proud of how we work, proud of our team, proud of you.
    Let's just change the recruitment stress into a recruitment pleasure. Together. With ViaHire Recruitment.

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