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    Why do you need HR Policies and Procedures?

    A HR department or Human Resources Department is an essential part of any company, be it a start-up, or an established company; no matter how big or small the business is.
    The HR department is built up from people who recruit, assess new candidates as well as create the procedures and HR policies for a company.
    Many companies does not have a HR department, as well as they don't have Policies and Procedures in place.

    You maybe run your business without policies and procedures, as those are hard to write, needs experience, knowledge and lots of money and time invested in.

    But now, with our Policies and Procedures Share Programme everything is easy for you.
    This is an independent sevice we offer. You don't need to employ permanent or temporary staff in order to be a part of this programme.

    But, before, what exactly are Policies and Procedures and what those do?
    - HR policies are the guidelines to execute and administer the HR functions.
    - They help the the company in being concurrent with the existing policies of the business and trade.
    - They help in case of legal challenges as they are set as ready reckoner for defining the terms, concepts and clarity.
    - They help the HR Staff to justify of rationalize the decisions of the department during employees recruitment, wage fixation, training, induction, promotion, transfer, welfare, separation, redudancy etc.
    - They help managers in dealing with Grievances, Disciplinary, Appeals.
    - They also help while a new Manager taking his assignment in the absence of the old or experienced in the organization.
    - HR Policies regulate the practices, procedures and systems.
    - They formalize the activities of departments in company.
    In short, HR Policies are the standardizing tools of HR Department like any other such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for an operations department.

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