• HR Policies and Procedures

    With or Without Policies and Procedures?

    What is the difference of running a business with or without HR Policies and Procedures?

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    You can easily think about advantages of having HR Policies and Procedures, by knowing what ere the disadvantages :

    Employee relations:
    A company that lacks human resources may have difficulty developing and maintaining a solid relationship with employees:
    - Human resources bridges communication gaps between company management and employees and offers employees the opportunity to release their frustrations with the company and report wrongdoings.
    - If your company does not implement human resources, it must develop a plan to effectively communicate and listen to employee concerns.
    - If you're managing numerous people, such as over 50, it may be difficult to employ a strategy to deal with each employee.
    - If employees become frustrated with the company or their jobs become dissatisfying, production can drop and company revenue may plunge. In addition, poor employee relations due to a lack of human resources can cause prospective employees to reconsider joining your company.

    By not implementing human resources, you can save a large sum of money.
    - Money spent on human resources management and costs associated with human resources, such as employee programs and services, can amount to over £1,000 per employee.
    - The average cost for human resources per employee totaled £800. The money spent may be justified if you run a large business that consists of hundreds of employees, but if your company sits on the other side of the spectrum and consists of only a few employees, those costs are difficult to justify.
    - Small companies typically don't see the amount of revenue that larger companies do, and small businesses often exist on thin profit margins, so extra expenses can make a significant negative impact on small businesses.
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    Hiring Process:
    - Human resources management relieves managers and owners of the stress of finding qualified employees when positions open up.
    - Rather than searching for candidates, interviewing them and performing background checks, owners and managers can focus on their daily tasks and let the human resources department focus on the hiring process.
    - However, this advantage to having human resources is only an advantage if you run a large business with a lot of employees.
    For a tiny business, the owner or manager can typically find candidates without taking too much time out of his daily schedule set up already in HR Policies and Procedures.

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