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    take the advantages of permanent workers

    All about permanent employment

    You can choose our permanent employees placements service if:
    - You want the employee to work in your company for unlimited time;
    - You want to find best employee in the shortest time possible;
    - You want to reduce recruitment costs;
    - You don't have a recruitment team or time to recruit;
    - Improve the value of new hires and increase staff retention.

    Why ViaHire Recruitment?

    - We will work with you to understand your organisation, culture and values;
    - Our recruitment plans drive performance and accountability;
    - We offer dedicated and completly personalised recruitment plan;
    - You can adhere for free to our HR Policies and Procedures Share Programme. You will benefit of right to use our large number of HR Policies and Procedures, as well as all support and advice on any HR related problems.

    Still looking for staff?

    We are experts in recruiting in the following domains:
    - Food/Catering: food factories, restaurants, bars, take-away etc. Includes all staffs: waiters, front of house, back of house, chefs, cashiers, kitchen porters etc.
    - House keeping: enything from private hired house keepers, to hotels: cleaners, room atendants, inhouse cleaners, landscapers etc.;
    - Construction: any construction workers with any qualifications;
    - Drivers: from food delivery to HGV drivers;
    - Not-qualified workforce: any workforce for warehouses, shops, factories etc.

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