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    ViaHire Recruitment - Not just a recruitment agency

    A recruitment agency is looking to bring people for your company. But is a recruitment agency always brings the beset people?

    So what is the difference between us and other agencies?
    Communication: Your dedicated consultant will always listen to your needs;
    Personalisation: We will only recruit people for your team, not for our targets;
    Staff Turnover: Finding and integrating the best people for your team, we will secure the workforce in your ompany, so you will not worry anymore about staff turnover;
    Flexibility: We don't have a plan. We will make one just for your needs and we will recruit each employee only according to your values;
    HR Policies: Many companies does not have HR Policies and Procedures, but we are happy to share those with you, for free;

    You can now:

    Permanent Staff

    Permanent staff means when you look for our help to find best candidate. You will then welcome the new employee with your own employment contract or agreement.
    You will pay us a comission starting with just 5%
    It is the cheapest and fastest way for you to find perfect members for your team. It is the perfect servie if you are looking for long-term members for your team.

    Temporary Staff

    Temporary staff means when you need staff, usually just for a limited period of time. For example, you might need a cover for your employees who called sick, or maternity cover, or you might have a higher expected or unexpected workload.
    This method is the easiest and cheapest way for you to replace or complete your team and also fastest way to find a large number of people for in a short time.

    HR Policies Protection

    Most of small companies doesn't have HR Policies and Procedures.
    Do you have?
    HR Policies and Procedures are the most important guidances that any company shall have.
    They help you to know what should you do in a specific situation, what law shall you follow and also outlines your company rules.
    HR Policies and Procedures is a document very hard to made document but, once you can join in our share programme, for free.
    We will also work close to you, in order to help you to understand and to apply the HR Policies and Procedures.